"Having suffered with advanced Macular Degeneration in both eyes for several years and having had more than 19 injections into my eyes trying to slow down the progress of the disease, I began taking EyesNmore daily only three months ago.  Presently, I have had no progression of my disease and my vision has improved so much so that I am now able to drive again after having been unable to do so for more than a year."  " I have also noticed better control of my diabetes and am happy to report better weight control and have even noticed some weight loss after being on eyesNmore for a couple of months."

Thank you, Thank you

JMC, Warren, Michigan

By the age of 91, although blessed with otherwise good health. I had completely lost the vision in my left eye due to macular degeneration.  Then the vision in my right eye failed because of the development of macular degeneration.  My vision decreased down to less than 20/100 vision. I had to give up my car and depend on others to drive me where I need to go.

My ophthalmologist then advised me to take Eyes-N-more which I did.  After three months on Eyes-N-more, the vision in my right eye improved from less than 20/100 vision to better than 20/50 vision.  My vision was much brighter and I could again watch T.V and read comfortably.  I am going to seriously consider getting another car and resume driving. 

I had been taking another "eye vitamin" for years while I watched my vision deteriorate.  I cannot thank my eye doctor enough for introducing me to Eyes-N-more.  I now have a completely new lease on life!  I love to read and have not been able to for so long.  I intend to really catch up on my reading now and look forward to some traveling and being able to see the sights that I have been missing.

P.C, Michigan - Age 91

I consulted with my Ophthalmologist a few months ago because I had been experiencing episodes of complete blacking out of my vision.  The Ophthalmologist diagnosed Macular Degeneration and suggested that I begin taking EyesNmore daily.

Almost immediately upon beginning to take EyesNmore, I found that I was no longer experiencing these episodes of blacking out of my vision.  I have also noted that my vision has improved and appears much brighter to me.  Colors are brighter and I certainly know that I am seeing better than I did before beginning to take EyesnMore. I certainly recommend EyesNmore to all of my friends and family. 

J.P, Michigan

"After just 15 day of taking Eyes-n-more, I just can't believe the difference its made in my vision already. I've spent just about my entire life thinking colors were as they were, now its like everything I look at has a fresh coat of colorful paint, so very bright and clear! This is truly an amazing product, I've never felt better and have more than twice the energy I've ever had!"

Thanks Doc!

TH, Michigan

"This is, without a doubt, the best liquid supplement that I have found! Being a health conscience individual, I take the quality and effectiveness of my daily supplements seriously. I have done extensive research on various nutritional supplements for both my Eyes and Body and have found that liquid Eyes-n-more far surpasses, any supplement currently on the market today. After taking Eyes-n-More for just 10 days, I began to notice amazing results! I have sustained energy, my eyesight is clearer, and I have better focus and metal clarity. These are just a few of the outstanding results that I have experienced! Prior to taking the Eyes-n-More, I was taking over 12 different supplements on a daily basis, for over 10 years. Now, after being on the Eyes-n-more for just 4 weeks, I do not need any other supplementation! Eyes-n-More is truly, the best supplement on the market today! Try it....

you won't go back!"

G, Minnesota

"Swallowing Pills was difficult for me and this product has been a godsend. Now all I do is take my capful in the morning and feel great all day! I used to spend about $130 each month on supplements and no longer take anything but eyesnmore."

I recommend this product!

KC, Michigan

"At 45, my vision isn't quite what it used to be and Macular Degeneration runs in our family. I was worried about getting the disease and my eyes getting worse. As a precautionary measure my doctor put me on Eyes-n-more. What a difference its made in such a short time, things are way brighter and sharper, I can read again without my eyes getting sore! Now my whole family takes it and are grateful for eyes-n-more"

Thanks a Million!!!

P, Florida

"I have a great deal of difficulty with my vision for many years.  I completely lost the vision in my right eye a long time ago because of macular degeneration.   I was devastated when my eye doctor discovered that I was beginning to develop macular degeneration in my only seeing left eye.   Things got real complicated when I then developed a cataract in that eye as well.  Because of the macular degeneration in the eye with a cataract, we delayed removing the cataract for many years.  Finally, the vision in my only eye deteriorated to less than 20/100 vision.  I was forced to have my cataract removed.  After surgery, my vision improved to only 20/60.  Around that time, my eye doctor became aware of Eyes-N-more and advised me to begin taking it.  After being on Eyes-N-more for less than 2 months, my vision improved to 20/30!  Not only am I enjoying much improved vision, but I feel so much better as well.  I am very grateful to my eye doctor for recommending Eyes-N-more to me and I can heartily recommend it to anyone who has macular degeneration".

A, Michigan - Age 78

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